About us

Export, Development & Trade USA Corporation is a Distributing company with offices in Miami , Florida Aproximately 50 distributors in the USA, covering 35 States and over 200 cities Servicing the Nostalgic Centralamerican consumer in the USA with leader Brands growing double digit year after year.

Our key categories are

  • Nectars: Del Frutal , Naturas
  • Orange Juice : Del Frutal con Pulpa
  • Energy Drink: Raptor
  • Snacks&Food: PRO , Señorial, Incaparina
  • Sodas: Salvavidas


To be the best commercial operator for the exportation of the products we have been entrusted to distribute.


To create and develop businesses that contribute to create value, through the products we distribute, both in the regional and international markets, while satisfying our customers and partners.


In 2004 EDT (Export Development and Trade) was consolidated as part of the Castillo Hermanos Corporation under the Vice-Presidency of Trading and International Chains. Expanding from exporting 350 thousand to 3.5 million boxes in the last year. This represents a growth of 1,000% in 14 years

Value Proposition

  • The commercial development of the brands we market.
  • The development of a competitive and high-quality product portfolio.
  • Fulfilling what we offer.

We strive to be a reliable supplier and an important business partner for each of our distributors. The products we commercialize are manufactured by factories working with state-of-the-art technology and strict quality standards implemented in their production and development processes.

As a result, these processes have been certified in the ISO 9000:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 for environmental standards, OHSAS 18000:2007 for Industrial Safety and Occupational Health, among others.